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Victor K.  Greaves

Victor Kyle Greaves, son of Elders Vance and Yolanda Greaves was born on April 14th, 1997 in Long Island, NY. Having been raised as a church baby, Victor always had a passion and zeal for God.  After graduating early January 2015 from Bayside High School due to excelling in his classes, Victor was afforded options to study business at Adelphi University as well join the ranks of a CUNY ASAP Program. Victor spent his early years along with his parents under the leadership of Bishop James S. Vick and the presiding Bishop of Bible Way Churches Worldwide, Apostle Huie L. Rogers.


In 2009, Victor along with his family began attending The Life Chapel in Queens Village, NY under the leadership of Overseer Andre Cook. While attending an outdoor tent service, Overseer Cook made an appeal for Christ and Victor officially accepted Christ into his Life and recognized him as his lord and savior in 2013. Victor has a great passion for Real Estate, Auto-motives, Education, and Business. Victor (at the age of 16) started a business for tutoring named Elevated Minds, and then a  Marketing company named Elevated Marketing Group. Both businesses were launched by leading of the Holy Spirit and have continued to operate challenging minds to "Think Differently" about education and marketing precepts.  With much discipline and favor, Victor has been blessed to be a homeowner by the young age of 21. Victor currently works as a student, a small business owner, and as the Sr. Director of Learning & Development for Business Debt Adjusters.  


After consistent impartation, Victor’s call was publicly declared. In January 2014, Victor was granted his first opportunity to speak words of Inspiration at The Life Chapel (West). After an array of public messages, Overseer Cook called Victor into his office revealing his intentions to license Victor in January of 2015 as the first teenage minister within the Organization. Victor continued to deliver Words of inspiration at The Life Chapel (West), The Kingdom Life Church of Stamford Connecticut, and The Salvation and Deliverance Church of the Bronx to begin walking in his calling, be trained, and gain preaching experience before his licensing. Victor continues to grow in God and be imparted into by his spiritual father, Overseer Andre Cook by the means of Laying on of hands, counseling, preaching, and prophesying. Victor is a student of the word, an advocate for the Holy Spirit, and is a firm believer of Gods Power to perform not only in the church, but in the marketplace. Victor currently serves as Youth Minister and Executive Assistant at his local church. On this side, Victor is also the president and founder of the United Youth. He is very optimistic about the places that God is going to take him and how the Lord is going to use him to win youth for Christ.

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